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What’s up Vape Tempers?! Today we are going to be debunking the mystery surrounding the Pax 2 temperature settings.

To start this mission off we contacted Pax’s customer service to ask them what the temperature for each setting was. Unfortunately rather than specifics we were left with a range of 360ºF (182ºC) to 420ºF (216ºC) max temperature. That wasn’t specific enough for us so we decided to take this mystery into our own hands and test the unit. So let’s debunk these temperature settings and find out what is going on under the hood!

Setting One
Starting off with setting 1 we touched the temperature probe to the side of the bowl. The sides will give us the hottest temperature that your herb will vape at. As you will be able to see in our video on setting 1 the bowl heats up to about 355ºF when not in contact with the lip sensor. After about 20 seconds the unit began to decrease in temperature, cooling down to only 310ºF. The weird thing is that once you touch the lip sensor on setting 1 the temperature goes all the way up to 390ºF.

Setting Two
On setting 2 the temperature hit at around 390ºF again. So setting 1 and 2 are both vaping in the range of 355-390 but setting one boosts up to 390ºF when you vape from it.

Setting Three
Setting 3 goes all the way up to 420ºF which is quite hot!

Setting Four
As you can see in the video in this article setting 4 goes all the way up to 447ºF which is also quite hot and much hotter than Pax claims.

So what did we learn from doing this test? Well, if you are a medical user, somebody who is keen on buzzcrafting, or are looking for a vaporizer with specific temperature, we would not recommend the Pax 2 to you. The temperature is quite varied when you draw from the unit and from our experience you get very inconsistent hits when drawing from it multiple times. However for those looking for a smaller basic unit this may be a good fit.

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What Is The Real Temperature Of The Pax 2 Vaporizer?
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