So in this post, we are featuring the Ascent by DaVinci which is the world’s most advanced vaporizer in the market. It has lightning fast heat up times and digital temperature gauge that gives the user the best vaping experience.

The video above shows you the two different types of water tool accessories made for the Ascent by DaVinci. They offer vaping enthusiasts two choices for the water tool. One is a straight water tool and the other a U-shaped water tool. Both of which come in 14mm and 18mm sizes.

The water tool accessory can easily be inserted to your favorite water piece to create a water filtered vaporizer. As shown onĀ  the video, the straight water tool adapter is designed specifically for loose leaf only. But with the U-shaped water tool adapter, this allows you to vape both loose leaf and oil. It includes a holder to allow the vaporizer to remain in an upright position and provides continuous access to the chamber for easy filling and stirring. This allows the user to experience convenience and a good filtered, vaping experience.

You can check out more accessories for your vaporizer at http://www.DaVincivaporizer.com and feel free to send in your comments.

Water Tool Accessory Tips for the Ascent Vaporizer
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