Another honest to goodness review for you folks. Today, we will be doing a head to head comparison between the Ascent by DaVinci™ vaporizer and the Pinnacle Pro.

Let’s talk about each features:

Design. The DaVinci Ascent is 4 and a half inches tall, 2 inches wide and an inch thick. It’s smaller than an iPhone but a bit thicker which is fine by us.

The Pinnacle Pro is 5 inches tall and an inch wide. The unit feels very lightweight. It has a cheap plastic feel to it and feels flimsy. You don’t want to drop this unit.

The Pinnacle Pro only comes in one color – black. The Ascent has six different base models and colors to choose from and you can even design your own from the ground up. An OLED screen is centered on the unit but best of all it has 100% pure glass path.

Flavor and the Path. The Pinnacle Pro unit comes with the removable plastic mouthpiece which we find sits loosely on the unit. You would also notice that it occasionally falls on your pocket. The plastic mouthpiece leads to an all metal bowl. The flavor from the Pinnacle Pro tastes “tinny” and is rather hot and harsh compared to the Davinci Ascent. The Ascent on the other hand, offer a pure 100% glass path that is removable and easy to clean. It also features the glass coded ceramic bowl which offer the cleanest and purest taste on the market.

Heating chamber. The Ascent heats up to a maximum of 430 degrees Fahrenheit. The Pinnacle Pro has 5 temperature settings. The lowest temperature you can set the unit to is 375 degrees Fahrenheit which can be too hot for some people. The Ascent vaporizer features precision temperature control ranging from 0 – 430 degrees Fahrenheit so you can dial in the exact experience you are looking for. You can also easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The Ascent and the Pinnacle both do loose leaf and oils. However, the Pinnacle Pro does not have a lid on its oil jar and could easily spill.

Battery life. The Pinnacle Pro has a small battery that offers under an hour of typical usage. Whereas the Ascent has superior battery life at about 2.5hours for your session per charge. The Ascent is fully functional while plugged in and charging. The Pinnacle Pro cannot be used while charging.

Overall, we feel that these two are are really good portable vaporizers but as we have explained above I think you can really say what vaporizer stands out. It’s for you to decide. As always, we sure hope to come up with the best portable vaporizer reviews for you in order to provide valuable insights before you actually buy a unit.

Vaporizer Review – The Pinnacle Pro VS The Ascent
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