Some of you might be waiting for this review. A head to head comparison of the top 2 contenders in the vaporizer market – The Ascent and the Pax. You sure want to know who wins, don’t you? Check out the video below and learn about the pros and cons of each vaporizer.

Let’s talk about the design.

The Davinci Ascent is 4 and a half inches tall, 2 inches wide and inch thick. It’s smaller than an iPhone but a bit thicker. The Pax is about 4 inches tall and an inch and a half wide and can merely fit inside my hand. There is not much to the unit. It’s a slim aluminum casing with a heating chamber, a battery and a mouthpiece. They have 5 colors – green, blue, purple, black and the newly added limited edition. The Ascent has 6 base models and colors to choose from and you can even design your own from the ground up. An OLED screen is centered in the unit and best of all , it is 100% pure glass path.

Let’s check the flavor and the path. The Pax unit comes with the removable plastic mouthpiece and an all metal path leading to an all metal bowl. The flavor in the Pax taste a bit “tinny”. The Ascent offers a pure 100% glass path which is removable and easy to clean. It also features a glass ceramic bowl which offer the purest and cleanest taste on the market.

Next, let’s check the heating chamber. The Ascent heats up to a maximum of 430 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the Pax, it only heats up tp 410. The Pax only features 3 temperature settings, LOW, MEDIUM and FRY.The Ascent has precision temperature controls to dial in the exact degree and experience you want. You can also easily switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit. The Ascent also has feature that allows you to vape both loose leaf and oils. It comes standard with two oil jars which you can use to vaporize the liquid or concentrate of your choice. The Pax does not. It can only do loose leaf.

The Pax has a slim battery offering about an hour on multiple usage. The Ascent has a far superior battery capable of about 2.5 hours in multiple session per charge. The Ascent is fully functional while charging. The Pax simply cannot be used when charging.

Overall, these two vaporizers have their pros and cons but we sure hope we have helped you find out what’s best for you. So let us know, which one would you get? The Ascent by Davinci Vaporizer or the Pax? Share what you think on the comment section.

Vaporizer Review – The Battle of Ascent VS The Pax
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