Top 5 New Products in CHAMPS 2016

1. Cruz Culture Vaporizing Accessories

Hands down the winner of the top 5 product at CHAMPS Las Vegas’s summer show is Cruz Culture, and they actually have many new products that debuted! Let’s begin with the Nail Crown – 420 Flower Edition. This brand new tool does it all and comes with a lighter, papers, hemp wick dispenser as well as storage areas. The bottom contains the 1st silicon encased grinder, where the grinder can be removed to expose the silicon tray that can be used for pre-rolls and even an ashtray! The 6 tools on top that make the crown possess a poker, packer, titanium clutches (both blunt and joint sized), a one-hitter and a roach clip.

On top of that, there is also the 710 Concentrate Edition that has a purposeful titanium plate under the cover and an antimicrobial glass wipe that comes in handy when passing with a bunch of drooling stoners. Oh, c’mon there’s always one in every pass circle! The bottom also has a slit that can hold an E-nail. The top of this crown has a storage holder as well as 6 tools which include a rosin knife, shatter pick, poker, concentrate scoop and distillate ball. A one stop shop on your way to dab city!

They also showcased their “Diggit” multi-tool which has a carb cap, three titanium dab tools (wax scoop, flat blade, and shatter pointer) and it hangs on a lanyard for easy carrying. Cruz Culture’s Genius pipe claims to be the smoothest dry herb pipe you will ever use. Cleans easily and has specialized dimples that are designed to trap harmful particles like tar and resins out of the air path. It also comes with a ‘health-stone’ version for dabs on the go and they are working on a magnetized prototype that will allow for REAL size dabs and come in limited edition graphics. So many NEW products to fulfill your any marijuana need.

2. Smokits Portable Smoking Kit

First, we have the Smokit’s revolutionary improvement on a nostalgic stoner piece, the dugout. They set out to solve the #1 problem with dugouts which is the messy and sometimes wasteful process of funneling marijuana into a small hole. With Smokit’s dugout, you eliminate this issue when you use the removable grind card to grind directly into the box. The dugout itself has a larger bowl than most in the market as well comes with a poker for easy cleaning out and opening the silicon storage box within the box.

The origami magnetic carrying box is actually a rolling tray that duals as a rolling tray when fully unfolded. Smoke-it has truly changed a stagnant old time favorite into an effective multi-purpose and compact stoner companion!

3. Doublebak – Hi Teddy Rolling Kit

Doublebak has released the ultimate concealing portable stash product. Hi Panda and Hi Teddy are plush stuffed animals that open just below the middle half and exposes a full tray of goodies. Both of these sneaky stash-bears contain a grinder, air-tight stash container, rolling papers (both standard and 100mm size with filter tips) and a rolling tray. Now all you have to do is convince people you are still a kid at heart! Hahaha

4. The Nuggy Multi Tool

Simple, easy yet ULTRA effective. These are the words that come to mind when you see what The Nuggy has to offer. The 10-tool cannabis smokers tool comes with a flat head tip, bottle opener, roach clip, cleaning metal pick, scraper, knife, concentrate spoon, tamper, scissors and even a flashlight. Slip this in your pocket and be prepared for anything.

5. EZ Pipes

EZ Pipes has brought one of the most discreet ways to sneak hits that we have seen in awhile. It stores your Bic lighter which helps you never lose it (I never know where those things go!) with a swivel top that allows you to put your stash inside at the top. Once you swivel it close then it is simple as lighting it and taking a quick hit. There’s a poker tool which helps with cleaning as well as clearing the hole that brings the flame to your herb. Easiest pipe to hit and very discreet.

Top 5 New Products at CHAMPS Las Vegas – JULY 2016
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