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Vaporizers take care of a lot of the chore that is presented with traditional methods of smoking marijuana. No worry about buying rolling papers, cleaning pipes, and a huge ashtray sitting around waiting to be emptied, or worse, spilled! The last thing I want to do when I need a release or a way to unwind from the day is find out I have to make a run to the store or smoke shop just to pick up papers. Not fun.

Vaping Weed While Watching TV

However, now that you’ve made your experience better with a vaporizer and freed up a crazy amount of time, why not take it the next level and add an all time classic activity like watching tv?

When you’re relaxing at home alone or if you have a few friends over, kick it up a notch. Grab your vaporizer and find something on TV that will have you enjoying yourself almost instantly. With so many amazing shows in what’s quickly becoming known as TV’s second golden era, you’d be crazy not to check some of them out and adding your vaporizer makes it that much more awesome!

Here lies the ultimate question – Which shows are the “go-to” shows when you’re vaping weed? This is your lucky day because no matter what kind of TV you like, there’s something out there just for you. Pull out this list anytime and own your experience while enjoying vaping by yourself or turning it up with a group of friends.


1. Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys has become something of a global phenomenon, and if you’ve never seen it, stop reading and get on Netflix. Even if you have seen it once though, watching it while you’re vaping weed is a completely different experience.

Trailer Park Boys Show

Even if you’re not going to smoke and drink along with Ricky and the guys – something we don’t recommend you attempt – you can still get a kick out of the insane trailer park characters and the messes they get into. Best of all, this show works well when you binge watch it or you just want an episode or two.

Watch it with your buddies with some edibles like ABV cookies and try to figure out which character you are. If you’re lucky, you’ll be Bubbles.

2. Bob’s Burgers

Like Trailer Park Boys, Bob’s Burgers has a cult following of devoted fans that can tell you every joke and line ever uttered on the show. Even if you’ve never watched it though, you’ll get into it pretty fast, especially while you’re vaping.
Bob's Burgers TV Show
The best thing about Bob’s Burgers is that the jokes are brainy enough for the times when you can catch all the laughs, but the show is simple enough for the times when you’re just not all there. No matter what state you’re in, Bob’s Burgers is an excellent choice when you’re vaping weed at home.

3. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Got munchies? Well if you didn’t, you will now! If you have a tendency to get hungry when you enjoy weed, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is one of the best worst choices you can make when it comes to turning on the television. That’s because you’ll get a cross-country road trip with hilarious – and sometimes hilarious looking – Guy Fieri as he eats his way through the United States.
Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives TV Shows
The show may not be about gourmet food that’s fussy and artistic, but is that really what you want when you’ve just vaped some weed? Let’s be honest you want the best stoner food money can buy, and if you are lucky enough, the next episode may feature your town and show all the ALL TIME GREATEST junk food that is just around the corner! If amazing cheeseburgers or the largest enchilada in the world seems more up your alley, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is a must watch. Best of all, you can start anywhere, zone out for 20 minutes and still have an awesome time watching this long-running travel and food show.

4. BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman, the acclaimed animated series on Netflix about a washed up horse that starred in a bad sitcom in the 1990s sounds like stoner fodder if ever there was such a thing. The show is actually really, really good, though, and it isn’t just stoners and comedy nerds that think so.

Bojack Horseman TV Show

Part comedy, part vaguely serious drama about living in today’s modern world, BoJack Horseman is provocative, fun and downright hilarious, even when it’s trying to be artistic. Simply put, it’s the show for everybody, whether you’ve just vaped some weed or not.

Start with season one and you’ll get a lot more out of the show. The main character might be a 1,500-pound horse, but he’s got some serious human feelings and jokes that are better than those of any other character on TV right now.

5. Archer

If you’ve never heard of Archer and you’ve never seen an episode or two, chances are you just recently got a television for the first time. This show is so popular that there are even in-series spin-offs that have taken on a life of their own.
Archer TV Show
Like Bob’s Burgers, Archer has so much depth that you’ll be able to enjoy the characters and their storyline no matter what you’re enjoying. From the strongest weed to dead sober, you’ll have a riot watching Archer alone or with friends.

Start anywhere if you’ve seen some of the show. If you’ve never watched it, start at season one and watch how the show and characters develop in a pretty awesome way.

6. Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken is a classic by now, but even if you’re going for reruns, this show never gets old. The jokes are short, right to the point, and even if you’ve enjoyed some weed, laugh out loud funny.

Robot Chicken TV Show

The best thing about Robot Chicken is that it’s still relatively easy to find on TV or streaming. With 15 minute episodes, you’ll also be able to cram a ton of laughs into an hour or less.

7. House of Cards

House of Cards might not be your first pick for a show when you’re vaping weed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the show when you’re using your vaporizer. While you will need to be able to follow the plot from episode to episode, the show really isn’t all that complicated.
House of Cards TV Show
Even if you miss a few things here and there, you’ll still love the catty, malicious behavior of the Underwoods and their underlings. Definitely start at season one if you haven’t seen any of House of Cards on Netflix yet.

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The Ultimate TV Show List To Watch While Vaping Weed
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