People decide to make the switch from combusting to vaporizing for many reasons. Some of those reasons include health, flavor, temperature control, and even conservation. Most of the time, once you start habitually vaporizing, it is hard to go back. One of the main reasons is you save so much weed! Vaporizers can be quite expensive, especially for a high end one that actually does what they claim to do. So do vapes really give you the bang for your buck? If you’re a daily smoker like myself, you know just how hard it can be to conserve weed.

There are several ways you conserve your precious herbs while vaporizing. The easiest and most obvious is temperature control. With the right vaporizer, this technique can really help you save your buds. We’ve talked about temperature control and how it effects your high, so how can it help you save weed? As you now know, (and if you don’t please read this article: you can gauge your high based on temperatures. Essentially, this means at lower temperatures, the less sedative of a high you will get. Who would want to wake n’ bake to a couch lock? The best way to baketh when thou does waketh is to do so at a low temperature. At 350 degrees Fahrenheit, you will receive a nice euphoric high with some analgesic effects. So you’ll feel sufficiently uplifted as well as a decent body high, but not enough to send you back to bed. So does this mean your bowl is toasted afterwards? Absolutely not. This is where conserving weed with a vaporizer comes into play.


When vaporizing at a lower temperature you are only receiving the cannabinoids that boil at, or below that temp. This means there are still plenty left should you bump the temp up. You can plan your day accordingly. A nice euphoric high in the morning with a temp around 350, a little more sedative and creative if you bump it up 25 degrees to 375 to really get your day going say around noon? Then when that wears off you can go up again to 390 and get similar effect but slightly more sedative. We can save that for 4:20. After that, all that is left is the couch lock components at higher temperatures all the way up to 428. So you can really crank your vape up just to the brink of combustion for a nice bedtime high. Congratulation, you just made one bowl last ALL DAY. It’s really cool how the temperatures correlate to your day!

Why Conserving Weed With A Vaporizer Should Help You
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