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The Vapir N02

This small handheld portable vaporizer that fits more comfortably in my hand than any other portable vaporizer I have used. This was a definite plus for me and as far as vaporization goes, this is one of my personal favs.

The Vapir NO2 vaporizer is extremely easy to use, and it heats up fairly quickly. What I don’t like about the Vapir NO2 is the small herb chamber. I found this to be a major design flaw in this otherwise pretty solid vaporizer. The small chamber means you’ll have to reload if you want enough vapor for more than one person. If you are using the Vapir NO2 alone, not a big deal. I will say that it is exceptionally easy to empty and replenishment the herb chamber of the NO2.
So there’s a lot of reviews of vaporizers out there, but for me, the Vapir NO2 falls in my top 10 list. This vaporizer comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, which when fully charged, lasts for about an hour. It does heats up pretty quickly, in less than a minute when plugged in, and about a minute and a half when using the battery and it has an automatic shutoff feature that will turn your unit after 20 minutes of inactivity.
The heating temp is shown on an easy to read digital LCD display. Read more about indian dreaming slot. A red light on the Vapir NO2 vaporizer turns green when the vaporizer is ready to use. The maximum heating temperature for the NO2 is 400°F which is really hot for such a small vaporizer.
The Vapir NO2 is easy to use, heats up quickly and it vaporizes your herb well. The chamber is too small and I am just not crazy about the design. Even though it fits well into my hand, and feels comfortable, I feel like I am holding a microphone or something phallic. In the $180.00 price range, I think that there are much better vaporizers on the market. I give the Vapir NO2 2 out of 5 on my vaporizer scale.

Reviews of Vaporizers – The Handy Vapir N02
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