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Hey guys, whats up vape tempers?!? Stoney was sleeping on the job as usual, but we woke him up so we could get the scoop on the Marijuana News here! So get your best vaporizers out and let’s do this thing!

Weed in New York!

New York is trying to get recreational!

Senator Liz Krueger has been pushing for the legalization of recreational marijuana in New York for quite some time. She is back again will senate bill 1747 which would legalize recreational marijuana for anyone over 21. Interestingly, it would still be legal to possess for people over the age of 18. What a champ!


Would you prefer a cannabis brownie or some candy in your vending machine?

Cannabis brownie in a vending machine anyone?
Seattle Caregivers opened Washington’s first marijuana vending machine called ZaZZZ. It is described as the first age verifying, climate-controlled, self-service dispensary. So basically there is a potential to be able to go to a vending machine and get your cannabis brownies as easily as you can buy a snickers bar! What will they think of next?

The Colorado legal marijuana industry has generated $53 million in tax revenue!

Colorado has cashed in big because of weed
It has been a full year since pot became legal in Colorado. So far this has generated more than $53,000,000. It’s doing enormous good for the education system and local economy! The coolest part is that Colorado may be issuing a small tax refund to the residents! Pay it forward!

People aren’t crashing up due to weed!

Remember, Drive Safe
A recent poll was done that showed no significant increase in automobile accidents due to recreational cannabis use. This is right in line with the 2013 article published in Accident Analysis and Prevention which reported that cannabis-positive drivers did not pose a statistically significant risk of a fatal or injury resulting automobile accident. You should always drive sober, but hey, it’s good to know that we aren’t putting menace onto the roadways!

Weed is safer than alcohol?!?

Marijuana and Alchohol
It’s not an uncommon claim that marijuana consumption is safer than alcohol consumption but, for the first time we can say that for sure! A new study published in Scientific Reports showed that marijuana is much less harmful that previously reported and significantly less harmful than alcohol and some other common drugs. Of course it is still linked to certain lung conditions, etc. so we try to help prevent that by vaping!

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