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What’s cracking VapeTempers?! We would like to show you a head to head comparisons of several known vaporizers in the market to determine the temperature accuracy of each one. Today we will be testing the VaporMax V5.0 by FlowerMate, VaporMax V8 by FlowerMate, Ascent by the DaVinci, Alfa by Go Boof, Haze vaporizer by Haze Designs, Pax 2 by Ploom, Pax Original, Air by Arizer, Arizer Solo, and the Crafty by Storz & Bickel. Let’s put these babies head to head and find out which vaporizer has the most accurate vaporizer temperature.

VaporMax V5.0 by FlowerMate

First up, VaporMax V5.0 by FlowerMate, which retails for around a $120. We’d say that this is the most affordable portable vaporizer in our lineup. When we set the 380°F and it looks like the temperature fluctuates a bit and never achieved the temperature on the device. It also appears to be pulsing to a certain temperature then moves back up.

VaporMax V8 by FlowerMate

Next, we have the VaporMax V8 by FlowerMate, which retails at around $135 and unfortunately we got similar results to what we saw with the FlowerMate V5.

Ascent by the DaVinci

We checked out the Ascent by the DaVinci, which now retails at $199.99. We cranked it up at 380°F and we got to say, as far as accuracy goes, the Ascent heats to almost the exact temperature and stays extremely constant. It definitely far more accurate than the results we observed with the FlowerMate.

DaVinci Classic

Surprisingly, we found that DaVinci’s more affordable model, the DaVinci Classic, which retails for a $129 to be equally as accurate as the DaVinci Ascent.

Alfa by Go Boof

Moving on at the same price point as the Ascent, we have the Alfa by Go Boof. This model has 3 temp settings: a LOW at 374°F, a MID at 410°F and a HIGH at 428°F. We tried the first temp LOW and we found out that it’s quite off. Setting 2 – MID, is also 10-15°F off as well, but the difference between the LOW and MID is around 50°F.

Haze vaporizer by Haze Designs

Next, we have the Haze vaporizer by Haze Designs. This unit is $249 retail. This model features two bowls so let’s find out how accurate both of them are. We’re testing their temp setting 2, which is 380°F, and as we have observed we can see that it is similar to the FlowerMate which fluctuates up and down about 10-15 degrees difference. Same goes on the other side which makes for inconsistent hits.

Pax 2 by Ploom

Next up is the Pax 2 by Ploom which retails at $279. The unit has a very interesting heating cycle which you may or may not prefer. Since Pax 2 does not actually have exact temperatures, we are going to explain the heating pattern instead. When you put your lips on the Pax 2, it boosts the temperature up quite a bit to around 390°F with only setting 1. It almost seems as though that it overheats and it realizes its too hot and then comes back down which leads to wildly inconsistent hits.

Pax 1 by Ploom

The Pax original model is very similar to the Pax 2 with the bowl temperature varying quite a bit while in use.

Air by Arizer

The next unit we tested is the Air by Arizer which retails for around $259.99. We gotta say that this one is a little tricky to test as the unit heats up through the glass and our temperature reader would not fit through. The vaporizer temperature is fairly accurate, the only thing we noticed was that the bottom of the Arizer did heat up much greater than the sides so if your herb is touching the bottom of the heating element, it will fry it.

Solo by Arizer

We also found that the Arizer Solo, which retails for $224, yields identical results as the Air.

Crafty by Storz & Bickel

And finally, we have tested the most expensive vaporizer in this lineup – the Crafty by Storz & Bickel. Retails at $339.99 price point, the unit held up quite well and as seen from the iOS app, held the temperature pretty constant with a 5° variance.

After doing this testing, we would go for the Ascent and DaVinci Classic being one of the kings when it comes to temperature accuracy. And a close second is the Crafty by Storz and Bickel. Both of these manufacturers dominate with precision temperature controls and are accurate as a sharpshooter.

We hope we gave you some helpful insights on bowl temps and helped you to make your next vaporizer decision. Thanks for checking out our tests and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel, follow us on Facebook, and leave some feedback to see more!

Battle of the Bowls – Vaporizer Temperature Accuracy
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