Vaporizer Review: The Ascent by DaVinci

The Ascent by DaVinci is a portable vaporizer that is jam packed with features.  This Ascent vaporizer review by DaVinci was meant to revolutionize the way people look at portable vaporizing, much like the original DaVinci but with some newfound intelligence.


The Ascent by DaVinci is about 4.5 inches tall, 2 inches wide, and an inch thick. It is smaller than my iphone, but a little bit thicker which is fine by me. The unit is made up of a graphic panel of your choice, (carbon fiber, stealth, croc skin, burl wood, silver skulls, and black skulls) an OLED screen centered on the unit, anodized aluminum edges, and of course the glass vapor path.


As I said above, the Ascent by DaVinci is jam packed with features that allow you to personalize your vaporizing experience. First, the Ascent by DaVinci is one of few portables that allow you to use oils and dry herbs. It comes with glass oil jars that fit nicely into the ceramic heating chamber for your oils. This supports your hash, wax, shatter, essential oils, co2 oils and even e-juice.

The next cool feature I really enjoy with the Ascent is the temperature control. You can literally select your temperature to the degree in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Another awesome feature of the Ascent is the glass glazed ceramic bowl alongside the all glass vapor path. The glass coating around the ceramic allows it to be cleaned easier, maintain a great flavor, and to disperse heat better. Just the bowl itself in this unit is a work of art.

There are literally no cold spots. The internal glass stem has a nice screen built in that maximizes air flow while minimizing material in the air path. The draw stem is retractable and can be used inside, or outside the unit, utilizing the buddy rim draw system.


There are multiple settings programmed into the OLED screen. Press the settings button twice, and you will activate the motion timer. This means that a timer will go on when the unit is not being used, and will shut off after your delegated time. You can also simply activate the timer to shut the unit off after a selected time as well. If you press the settings button a third time, it will bring up a menu of three different temperatures, and three different times. This has to be the best feature of them all, the personal vaporizing cycle.

You can select three different temperatures to run at three delegated times. For example, 345 for 3 minutes and 30 seconds, 375 for 2 and a half minutes then 400 for 2 minutes then it will automatically shut off and your session can be over. The advantage of this is being able to experiment with strains and temperatures to figure out how to dial in your best personal buzz every time. The example I gave is what I personally have mine set to and I will explain why. At a lower temperature of 345 you really get some amazing flavor, and still a nice little buzz. When it raises up to 375, you get a lot more of a buzz and a lot more vapor. This begins to make me feel extremely relaxed not just euphoric. It also begins to satisfy the oral fixation I developed from all the years of combustion.

Finally at 400 degrees you are releasing almost every cannabinoid in the flower and you have an awesome buzz going on. This is possible in other vaporizers that have temperature control, but not in a convenient automated cycle like this.

Ascent Vaporizer - Features Long Lasting Battery


When you turn the power on, the Ascent by DaVinci will automatically start heating the temperature it was previously set to. To select a temperature to begin your session, simply use the “+” and “-“ buttons located on the top (+) and bottom (-) of the OLED screen. You can watch your temperature climb with a thermometer underneath it indicating that it is heating.

When the vaporizer is ready, the temperature will remain steady, and the thermometer will be replaced by a mug with steam rising from it. You are now ready to vape. You can also engage the personal vaporizing cycle at this time as well if you prefer to use that feature.

If you need a break from vaping for a minute; or if you are like me and like to see your temperature drop when you are finished, you can press the settings button followed by the “-“ button to disengage the bowl. This will leave the power on to the screen but will turn the heat off. This ensures that you don’t waste any material or vapor because you can watch the temperature drop back down to room temp. To turn the heater back on, press the settings button followed by the “+” button.

How does it heat?

The Ascent by DaVinci  uses a conduction style heating element. The heating chamber is a quite large ceramic element with 4 holes for air flow at the bottom. I have found that the more you pack it, the denser the vapor will be on your exhale. This is due to the conduction heating, more volume in the oven equals more vapor. When packed tightly, I found stirring is not even necessary. This bowl provides a perfectly even roast.

Check out this full review of the Ascent Vaporizer done by one of my colleagues here too.


I hope you find this Ascent vaporizer review helpful. For me, The Ascent by DaVinci just blew me away. With the all glass vapor path offering the best possible flavor, and the digital temperature control, this is truly a game changer. I love that by having the ability to select my temperature, I also have the ability to select my experience. It is a unique feature not offered by many and I am excited to see what this particular vaporizing brings to the world of portable vaporizers. We can only wait..

Ascent Vaporizer - Feature

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