Women do buy vaporizers too!

What I noticed about the weed market is that it’s so dominated by men.  Not saying that men aren’t great but what companies are forgetting is that there are women in the market too.  HELLO, DON’T YOU SEE US??  Women do buy vaporizers!

All these companies focus on just men, all they care about is placing sexy women on ads and BAM item sold.  First of all  .. isn’t that a little insulting to men?  Companies just assume that men will buy anything with a pretty face and become instantly hooked.  It seems like they don’t care to cater to their needs, they just assume that all you care about is just sex.  I guess the old saying goes, “Sex Sells”.   Also women are the ones who buy everything.  They don’t just buy for themselves but for their family, friend, boyfriends, husbands, neighbors, basically they buy for anyone while men .. meh they buy things on the cheap and don’t care about what it looks like or who it’s for. Women .. yes we buy things on the cheap but if we really like the product we would justify spending a lot of money on it.

My question is … wouldn’t they want to sell to us? Honestly I think this market just doesn’t know how. They are so concentrated on the men they forgot all about women which is surprising. They have a clear understand of what men want …. But the real question is what do the women want?

Being a lovely lady myself (just being modest) I think women want it to not be so taboo.  Women are buying vaporizers also!  We are also into this whole vaporization thing too you know It comes down to double standards.  It’s alright if a guy vapes pot because its expected of them, but women if they vape they are considered trashy women who are irresponsible and don’t know how to take care of their lives. Society’s double standards are so hard to live by, there are so many rules to follow but no guide book to help.  Why should anyone be offended if a girl is buying vaporizers or vapes weed? Why should she be considered irresponsible or loose? Because it’s a drug? (A drug that helps aid peoples sickness). That’s not an excuse, those kinds of ideas keeps inequality present in today’s society.

I hate to be so preachy but it’s a serious problem. I want my weed my way DAMN IT!  ENOUGH SEXY GIRLS!!! I GET IT THEY’RE HOT but if you want me to buy vaporizers or go in your smoke shop, stop making it so damn creepy!!!

Like seriously … what is with these smoke shops? They all look so scary . As a woman I hate it .. When considering buying vaporizers, I hate going in smoke shops.  For starters the person behind the counter (which is usually a guy)  are usually dick heads to me, I’m pretty sure it’s because they don’t take me seriously. I mean even if they think I have no right being in there, should they really be rude to me? How does that help their business? Secondly, most of them look the same, blacked out windows, really creepy neon signs; it always makes me think “Am I going to come out alive?” (That thought should never enter into anyone’s mind when they walk into any store thinking about buying vaporizers). All you have to do is make it nice, sleek, and classy, take the taboo out of the design. No more blacked windows… Think Apple store but less douchey. If smoke shops took the time to set up a nice design they would have more women buying from them.

I guess what I’m saying from this rant is maybe.. just maybe if companies start highlighting the benefits and rethink the design, women wouldn’t consider buying vaporizers or vaping weed so taboo and actually start buying a lot more products. I saw this site the other day www.vapornation.com and I would have to say that this is the kind of website I would like to visit to check out vaping products. I wonder if they do have a physical shop I can visit.

Women Do Buy Vaporizers – Where Them Girlfriends At??
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  2. By Tony

    This is an interesting article. Personally though, I know there are usually more man vaping than women but my own partner actually started vaping after finding out about it. She tried my vape once and she fell in love with it ever since. It really is a no brainer. It’s cheaper, healthier and you don’t stink after vaping. Simple as that :-)

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