Watching Your Weed Vape Temp – Buzz Crafting is essential in the Vaporizer Age….

In the past years the vaporizer industry has grown rampantly. Numerous technologies varying from the desktop vaporizer, portable vaporizer and even the so called pen vaporizer have been presented to the market. However, what is missing is explaining why these vaporizers are beneficial over smoking…and how do you get the most out of them? You watch your weed vape temp or better also known of using a technique called Buzz Crafting.

At the end of the day, we’ve been told that vaporizer are more efficient, more discreet and even healthier; but did you know that if used correctly, you can “Dial in your High”? Seriously, I’m not kidding…this is the ingenious thing that nobody has been telling us.

Specific temperature control is not only relevant to rid cannabis of the harmful carcinogens, but also allows a user to be “Buzz Crafting” selected compounds and cannabinoids which they wish to vaporize based on the specific boiling points.

Although watching your weed vape temp might sound simple – it actually has more science to it than you thought. So how does this “Buzz Crafting work”? Well, vaporization works like this – a user sets their vaporizer to a specific temperature, let’s say 320F. Within cannabis lives a variety of cannabinoids, which at a specific boiling point (think water) begin to vaporize and are ready for inhalation. At 320F, the user will be taking in Delta 9 THC and perhaps a little CBD and more than likely have a light euphoric high that is perfect for daytime creativity.

For a more sedative effect, the user can set their vaporizer to a high temperature, let’s say 388F. At this temperature, the user will be taking in Delta 9 THC, CBD,  Delta 8 THC and Linalool among other cannabinoids and terps which have a lower boiling point.


Check out this chart for the most popular cannabinoids and feelings

  • “Euphoric- Cerebral” High: Use lower vaporizer temperatures to deliver a more mental and energetic high, less of a body high. This high can be considered more discreet with less of an aroma and vapor cloud, more of a clear odorless mist.
  •  “Sedative- Body” High: Higher vaporizer temperatures deliver more of a body high with pain relieving and sedation effects from boiling more cannabinoids and terpernoids, such as linalool and THCV. This is less discreet as there is more of an aroma and vapor cloud due to more terpenoids being released.

Notes: Replace Candy Jack with Blue Dream. Replace Granddaddy Purple with Cheese Quake.



High Temperature Note: With temperatures above 392F traceable amounts of benzene are found in the vapor mist (a compound you’d rather avoid). Benzene contributes to couch lock and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has concluded that there is sufficient evidence for carcinogenicity to humans.


Which Vaporizer should I use for Buzz Crafting?

With many choices out there, it may be difficult to decide which vaporizer is best for Buzzcrafting. One can choose as desktop such as the Volcano, or go with one of the ever popular premium portable vaporizers on the market.

Personally, we like to take our vapes on the go with us, so decided to take a look at the top 3 premium portables out there.

As mentioned previously, precision temperature is key when Buzz Crafting. One needs to have the ability to extract the desired cannabinoids without worrying about going above the desired temperature and getting stuck on the couch. For this, you at least need a vaporizer with multiple temperature settings, but a digital readout is preferred.

After taking measurements with a scientific thermometer in the bowls of 3 popular portable vaporizers, the Pax, Ascent and Firefly, we found there is no comparison when it comes to precision heat. While all 3 offer variable heat, only the Ascent is accurate…and stays at the temperature that it is set.

Firefly has zero temperature control, Pax varies and the Ascent Vaporizer by DaVinci is accurate.



Regarding the accuracy of the Ascent, it all comes down to software and hardware to obtain these results. The Ascent by DaVinci uses a thick ceramic chamber to achieve long wave infrared waves, ensuring that temperatures are consistent throughout and their software checks that temperature 200 times per second.

Not only that, but it is evident by using this FLIR camera, that all vaporizers, outside of the Ascent Vaporizer provide uneven heating, further adding to temperature fluctuations. Check this video below to see how you should be vaping weed and control temp to buzzcraft!

If Buzz Crafting , be sure to stick with the Ascent Vaporizer as their competition has some ways to go. How do you Buzzcraft?  Let us know about your experiences on our forum or join the conversation. # buzzcrafting

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Watch Your Weed Vape Temp – Buzz Crafting
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