Vaporizing Weed vs Smoking Weed

How is vaporizing weed different than smoking weed you may ask? When you spark up a jay or light up a bowl, you are burning everything…and I’m not just talking about the good stuff. What you are releasing all of the terps, cannabinoids,carcinogens such as benzene and tar all at once. However, when vaporizing weed, the goal is to stay under the temperature for combustion to avoid that all together. When using a vaporizer, the goal is the enjoy the flavor that is present in flavonoids, while crafting your buzz to the specific cannabinoids you are trying to release.

Not only are the health effects different, but the high is totally different as well. It took a little while to get used the high that a vaporizer produces, but all in all, I really prefer it now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still known to spark up a jay at night every now and again, but for daily usage, vaporizing weed is the way to go. In the morning, I’m more of a 350F person…I enjoy the light creative high created by the THC and low amounts of CBD, but that’s also because I’m a sativa lover and really enjoy the enlightenment that comes with it. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t go both ways. On a rainy day and some netflix, Indica’s are my friend. Since the goal is to relax, I’ll usually crank up my vape to 380 and get a little foggy and let my mind rest for a while.

Another thing that I’ve also noticed is that the high from a vaporizer lasts a shorter time period than it does if I smoke. I can only assume that this is due to the cannabinoids that I am not activating.

And finally, for those efficient people who like to save money- yes a wax vaporizer has an initial investment, but so does a nice glass piece. You’ll learn also how you need watch and set your vape temp for specific “highs”. Did you know that I use the same bowl 3 times in a day? In the morning at 350, at night at 380…and then I save the ABV (Already been vaped) and make some yummy cannabutter with it. How’s that for stretching your supply?

Here is an image of weed before and after its been vaped.

( so you can see the  importance of vaporizing weed)

Weed Vape












Vaporizing Weed vs Smoking Weed
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  1. By newb

    Ok, I just ordered my first vape. Should be here in the next few days. So as a newb what I had in mind was how many times can I vape my weed? Now I don’t mean “until it’s brown”, but let’s say I first vape lower temperatures for a a chilled head rush or only flavonoids. After that the second session a bit highger and then the last session the highest. Is that how it works?

    I mean, I vape the stuff at 170 C and only cannabinoids at that temperature are removed from the original matter? And the rest is still in the plant matter to be vaporised?

    357 weeks ago | | Reply
  2. By Davida

    they’re being addressed as one in the same, making for a challenging fight for
    American Vaping Association.

    350 weeks ago | | Reply

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