Vaporizing tobacco is becoming a popular alternative to the traditional method of burning and smoking. Many tobacco smokers are not entirely convinced that vaporizing is for them but in terms of health benefits and other factors, vaping is definitely the smarter option.

In order for smokers to make a fair decision, a thorough comparison between smoking and vaporizing tobacco will make a big difference. A direct comparison of the side effects of smoking and the benefits of vaping tobacco will provide a clearer perspective on why to make the switch immediately.

Side Effects of Smoking Tobacco

• Heart disease and lung complications
• Emphysema and bronchitis
• Increased blood pressure and heart rate
• Risk of developing cancer
• Discolored teeth and smelly fingers
• Damage from second-hand smoke

The adverse effects of smoking tobacco have been researched heavily throughout history. Shortly after inhaling the harmful chemicals, tar, and carbon monoxide found in tobacco cigarettes, there will be a significant increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Also, smokers are notorious for having discoloration in their teeth as well as foul odors on their hands and clothes.

There are long term effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes and often can become life-threatening. The more smokers consume, the higher the risk of developing certain cancers and an increased possibility for stroke. Other negative effects include coronary heart disease and complications with the lung as well as the likelihood of emphysema and bronchitis.

Benefits of Vaporizing Tobacco

• No tar, smoke, or ash
• No harsh chemicals
• Save tons of money
• Smoke without guilt
• Vape almost anywhere
• No flame or risk of fire

When comparing the side effects of smoking and the benefits of vaporizing tobacco, it is hard to believe that anyone would prefer traditional cigarettes. Smokers who often feel guilty about smoking around others who do not can eliminate this worry. This is because vapers never have to worry about second-hand smoke because there is no tar, ash, or smoker whatsoever. As long as your vape temp is at a level that conforms to your style, you should be happily vaping.

It is no longer necessary to step outside each time you need to satisfy a craving. Not only can you vape in most places where traditional smoking is not allowed but since there is no flame or fire required, there is never a risk of endangering yourself, others, or your home. The best part of vaporizing tobacco is that you will start to save money immediately and not have to spend a large amount on tobacco cigarettes.

Vaporizing Tobacco vs. Smoking Tobacco
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