Here is one of the most awaited review for portable vaporizers. The Ascent by DaVinci™ VS The Firefly. Check the video below for head to head comparison of the two popular contenders in the market.


The dimension of the Davinci™ Ascent is 4 and a half inches tall, 2 inches wide and inch thick. You can easily compare it with the iPhone but it’s actually smaller. The Firefly is one of the heaviest, largest and least discreet vaporizer in the market. The size and weight of the unit makes it less ideal for portability. It’s hard to use in public without appearing that you’re chiffing with a huge pipe. The firefly comes only in 3 colors – grey, red and silver. The Ascent has 6 different base models and you can even design your own from the ground up. An OLED screen is centered on the unit and the best of all it is 100% pure glass path.


The Firefly comes with an all metal mouthpiece and an all metal pathway which leads to the bowl. Because of this, the flavor of the material is compromised with a “tinny”, metallic taste. The DaVinci™ Ascent offers a pure 100% glass path that is removable and easy to clean. It also features a glass coded ceramic bowl which offers the cleanest and purest taste on the market.


The Ascent heats up to a maximum of 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Whereas the Firefly, it only heats up to 400. The Ascent also has precision temperature controls for you to dial in the exact degree and experience you want. You can also easily switch between Celsius or Fahrenheit. The Firefly features a push button heating element. The longer you hold the button, the hotter it gets. It can be challenging to control the temperature without precise controls. The DaVinci™ Ascent also has a unique feature that allows you to vape both loose leaf and oils. The Ascent comes standard with two oil jars which you can use to vaporize the liquid or oil of your choice. The Firefly does not. It can only do loose leaf.


Let’s talk about battery life. The Firefly comes with a removable cellphone type battery which only lasts to about 30-45 minutes. The Ascent has a far superior battery and capable of about 2.5 hours in multiple sessions per charge. With the Firefly, you are required to purchase extra batteries if you want to charge and use at the same time. The Ascent is fully functional even when charging.

Overall, these two digital handheld vaporizers have their pros and cons but we sure hope we have helped you find out what’s best for you. So let us know which one would you get. The Ascent by Davinci Vaporizer or the Firefly? Share what you think on the comment section.

Vaporizer Review: The Ascent VS The FireFly
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