Cannabis Indica

Vaping with Cannabis Indica

Indica marijuana strains have remarkable therapeutic and pain relief qualities for individuals who suffer from painful, chronic conditions. Using a smokeless marijuana vaporizer can deliver the same level of active therapeutic chemical release but without the harmful toxins.

Indica originally came from the hash generating countries of the world (Afghanistan, Morocco,and Tibet). Indica are short dense plants, broad leaved and frequently grow a darker green. After flowering starts they will be mature in 6 to 8 weeks. The buds will be thick and dense, with flavors and aromas ranging from strong skunky to sugary and fruity.

Cannabis Indica is a strain of marijuana with high concentrations of medically beneficial properties. Marijuana, in the past, had been typically thought of as only a recreational drug, but over the last decade or so, the medicinal assets of marijuana have been coming to light.

Marijuana can be used to help alleviate many physical conditions that had been treated with synthetic painkillers, opiates and other addictive and harmful substances.

By simply using a marijuana vaporizer, rather than smoking via a traditional combustion method, you can reduce or eliminate most of the harmful carcinogens formed with burning. There are a variety of temperatures used when vaporizing, dependant on what type of marijuana you are using and the end result you are looking for.

Indica marijuana strains offer a more body high, rather than a head high. Indica produces a more relaxing and soothing feeling. For people who suffer from chronic pain, vaping some Indica before bed is often an excellent option for better sleep. I have suffered from chronic back pain for years and I don’t think I would sleep without the Indica.

What temperature you should use for your vaporizer? Here are a few of my favorite Indica strains and vaping temperatures I have used successfully.

Cherry Pie: 396 degrees Fahrenheit

Granddaddy Purple: 406 degrees Fahrenheit

Hawaiian Skunk: 403 degrees Fahrenheit

Southern Afghani: 395 degrees Fahrenheit

Mighty Might: 411 degrees Fahrenheit

Ruderalis Indica: 375 degrees Fahrenheit

Vaping with Cannabis Indica
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