Vapir Prima Vaporizer

Simple and practical. That’s what the Vapir Prima is all about. If you’re just after getting good vaping sessions that can deliver good vapor and taste, you’ll opt in for this one.

The Vapir Prima is priced quite high compared to other vaporizers on the market.

First off, let’s start with how the packaging looks like. We like the fact that the design and info on the packaging are clean and shows exactly what you are getting.

Once you open the box, you get the Vapir Prima vaporizer and a ton of accessories. If you pop out the vaporizer slot, you’ll see the vaporizer guide, some additional accessory brochure, the battery charger, a nice cleaning brush, a cleaning tool, some small screens and a copper tool. All of these accessories would be useful for cleaning and maintaining your vaporizer in good condition.

Come to think of it, the Vapir Prima comes in a small and unique design just like the Pax 2 but differs in temperature, its with a removable battery, which is an advantage for some but a pain for others since it is not the standard 18650 battery. You also cannot use the unit when it is charging.

As for the price and value you are getting, we think they are overpriced and the vaporizer lacks control if you would opt for crafting your temperature to get the buzz that you want. The materials used also are not for the best flavor and vapor production in our opinion. We will be testing this out over the next few weeks and get back to you guys with our final full review. Watch out for that!

Unboxing The Vapir Prima – A Vaporizer with A Proprietary Asset
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