Magic Flight Launch Box Review

So you might have read other Magic Flight Launch Box reviews online – here’s ours.

The Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer has been acclaimed to be the world’s smallest vaporizer on the market. I can’t say for sure whether that’s true but I can tell you that the Magic Flight Launch Box is small, compact and extremely easy to use! The Launch Box’s small size is one of it’s best features but don’t for a minute think that the folks at Magic Flight Inc. stopped there. They packed so many brilliant features into this tiny little package!

The Launch Box uses a battery to heat your finely ground herbal material. You don’t need to bother with a lighter or butane with this vape; The Launch Box comes complete with two rechargeable NIMH batteries.The Magic Flight Launch box is constructed using handcrafted maple hardwood external case and utilizes copper plated steel rods to aid in the heating and vaping process. The Launch Box has a virtually instant heat-up process that will provide immediate vapor.Keeping the Magic Flight Launch Box clean is stress-free. If you use the cleaning brush, included with the vaporizer, to scrape the screen between uses you can avoid disgusting residue build-up.

The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer unit comes with a Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that is limited to normal use. The rechargeable batteries have a 6 month warranty.

The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer measures only 2.5″(W) by 1.25″(L) by 0.9″ (H) in size and will fit neatly in the palm of your hand. It sells for under $120.00 and comes shipped with:

• 1 Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer
• 2 Rechargeable AA NiMh Battery
• 1 NiMh AA Battery Charger
• 1 Velvet Kit Storage Bag
• 2 Black Battery Cap
• 1 Cleaning Brush
• 1 Mouthpiece
• 1 Upgraded Black Tin

If you are looking for a small yet powerful little vaporizer, I definitely recommend the Magic Flight Launch Box! I have seen one at  It will deliver delightful vapor time and time again!

Hope you liked this Magic Flight Launch Box review we did for you guys.

The World’s Smallest – Magic Flight Launch Box Review
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