Bowl Temp for Cannabinoids

Cannabinoid – Every day, scientists in labs all around the world are studying the effects of potential life saving compounds called cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are found in the Cannabis plant, and are extremely concentrated in the flower portion of the plant, referred to as Marijuana. To date, Marijuana has been used mainly as a recreational drug. It has been associated with “hippies” and most of the counter cultures throughout the past 6 decades. With new discoveries based on new studies and experiments, we are now learning the cannabinoids have all sorts of medicinal benefits. The only true way to get the full effect of these cannabinoids is with a vaporizer.

A vaporizer is a device that will gently heat your cannabis to a temperature below the flowers combustion point. This allows the cannabinoids to boil out into a vapor and be inhaled without any smoke. That’s right, just the good stuff. Now; when vaporizing or selecting a vaporizer, there are so many different options. With all the different features on these crazy machines out there, how do you prioritize and select what is best for you? The most important factor is the bowl temperature. Not just the setting, but the display of temperature, and accuracy is vital.

Unfortunately, there are many vaporizers out there that claim to have complete temperature control. Sometimes, the numbers on the display don’t even signify a temperature, just a setting. In order to get a unique experience out of your cannabis, you have to be able to control your temperature to the degree. Different cannabinoids boil at different temperatures. Selecting certain temperature settings give you the option, to not only customize the flavor and vapor production, but also the opportunity to customize your high! We like to refer to this as buzzcrafting. After a while, you begin to develop a pallet for different strains and different temperatures. For example, at a temperature around 345 degrees Fahrenheit, (depending on the moisture of your bud) the vapor will be scarce, taste absolutely phenomenal and will offer a very relaxing uplifting buzz. Not a knock you on your ass high, but don’t worry because at 375, you will get some solid dense vapor, and a more sedative experience.

My favorite advantage of the temperature control in vaporizers is being able to experience the terpines individually. Terpines are the compounds in plants that give off flavor and smell. Each strain is going to have a different terpine profile based on genetics, and the way it was grown. Some terpines even have an effect on you. That would explain why kushy strains vaporize better,they are denser, more moist, and have more of a fruity terpine profile offering a great flavor.

Our mission here, at What’s Your Vape Temp is to educate the public on the possibilities of buzzcrafting for recreational and medicinal purposes. We want to know all about what strains you like, what temperatures work best for that strain and why! We will be keeping a buzzcrafting log of all different strains and temperatures we have experimented with so we can hear some opinions and also help people make educated decisions on what they are vaporizing, and why.

Importance of Bowl Temp for Cannabinoids
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    Can you guys do an article about the benefits of terps? I can’t find a lot out there. Mmmm….pine and mango terps are my favorite.

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