Smoking is a habit that has been around for thousands of years. It is therefore understandable for you to believe it is a habit that’s here to stay. There are, however, those who do not want this to be true. These are the people who constantly warn us of the dangers of smoking and suggest healthier alternatives. And one of the alternatives currently growing in popularity is the herb vaporizer.

When vaporizers were first introduced as an alternative to smoking, they generally looked like electronic cigarettes and were exclusively offered to those who use marijuana for medical purposes. The marketing spin was that smoking negates the benefits offered by cannabis, so patients needed a healthier method of ingesting the weed. Enter the cigarette-looking electronic stick that vaporizes, rather than burns, cannabis.

Vaporizing is said to be a cleaner process because it does not involve combustion and therefore does not release toxins the patient may inhale along with the smoke. You simply inhale vapor, thereby getting the benefits without the risks. However, the fact that it looked like a cigarette and was used mainly by marijuana “smokers” made it a bit difficult for vaporizers to cross over into the general market.


Vaporizing is a much cleaner process than smoking because it does not involve combustion and therefore does not release harmful toxins. photo by SuperFantastic

If you’ve been paying attention to the movement of the vaporizer industry, however, you would have noticed that they have become more and more popular in recent years. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons of this growing popularity of vaporizers is the shift in marketing and the evolution of the product’s design. Where before all vaporizers looked like electronic cigarettes, there are now models that are very stylish and look nothing like a cigarette at all. The new breed of handheld vaporizers has indeed done a lot to remove the stigma associated with the product in the past.

Vaporizers have also started being promoted not just as an alternative method of ingesting marijuana, but also as a more convenient way of enjoying the benefits of various herbs that are known to relieve a wide variety of ailments. Eucalyptus, for example, has a calming effect that helps relieve stress as well as the common cold. Manufacturers are also highlighting the fact that vaporizers involve a lot less hassle and hazards than smoking and help you avoid the unpleasant taste and smell commonly associated with smoking. It also helps you control the dosage of whatever herb you choose and delivers the effects more quickly than smoking does.

In the same way e-cigarettes transformed the tobacco smoking industry, vaping has also changed the world of medical cannabis and aromatherapy in a big way. It has even led to changes in the way herbs are packaged and the manner in which marijuana is sold in states where it has become legal for medical and/or recreational purposes. In fact, many influencers believe the fact that vaporizers offer more control over the dosage has also helped a great deal in the legalization of cannabis in more and more places. So far, 14 states in the U.S. and a few other countries have already legalized medical marijuana.

Despite the growing popularity of vaping, though, there are still people who hesitate to make the switch from smoking, primarily because they don’t really understand how a portable vaporizer works. To put it simply, vaporizers use either convection or conduction to heat your herb of choice enough to release its volatile oils and beneficial properties without burning it. This means you get all the benefits of the herb’s active ingredients without inhaling the harmful toxins that are typically released in smoking, which involves combustion.

Other than the health benefits of vaping, it has also gained popularity because vaporizers release better-smelling vapors and leave more flavorful tastes in the mouth, as opposed to the unpleasant odors and tastes associated with smoking. A lot of people have vaporizers reviewed and you can go check  the internet should you feel the need learn more about a specific one. Add to that the fact that there is an increasing limitation on the number of places where you are allowed to smoke, and you’ll understand why the vaporizer industry is currently experiencing a boom. And when they start to gain a clearer understanding of how vaporizers work and why they are being lauded for being a healthier alternative to smoking, even those people who are still skeptical about vaping should be able to appreciate it more.

Discretion is another major plus that comes with using a portable vaporizer. There are vaporizers that are no bigger than a mobile phone and designed similarly, so you can freely use them even in places where smoking is banned. After all, it neither emits smoke nor looks like a cigarette in any way. And even when you vape during your break at work, no one will have to know because you can be sure you won’t come back smelling like a bunch of cigarette butts.


One of the best things about vaping is that you can do it during break at work at you won’t have to smell like a bunch of cigarette butts afterwards. photo by mendhak

Another good reason to switch to vaping is that it makes your herb last longer than burning through combustion does. It therefore gives you more bang for your buck. But perhaps the biggest reason why you should switch to vaping is the flavor that it gives. One of the first things you are likely to notice when using a vaporizer for the first time is that it offers a fuller flavor than smoking does. In time, as you get used to vaping and try a variety of herbs with your vaporizer, you’re also bound to develop the ability to differentiate one strain of herb from another.

Note that vaporizers also come in tabletop versions, and those who enjoy vaping with friends usually have one at home. Tabletop vaporizers are also an ideal choice for those who wish to benefit from aromatherapy and require a longer vaping time than what handheld models allow. Most people, however, prefer handheld vaporizers such as the Ascent because of its portability and the ease of use it offers. These vaporizers may indeed be ideal for on-the-go use because they also have a considerably bigger heating chamber than vaporizer pens. This means they are able to give you a satisfactory vaping experience without the bulk of a tabletop device.

The Growing Popularity of the Herb Vaporizer
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