Terpenes in Cannabis

What is a Terpene?

Have you ever cracked your stash jar open and smelled lemony goodness? What about earthy musky tones? Fruits? Wine maybe? The terpenes in cannabis are responsible for all of these sensations and they exist all around you.

Terpenes are the essential oil that gives cannabis its smell, and any other plant for that matter. Terpenes in cannabis exist with their cannabinoid cousins in the trichomes of the plant. Each terpene, or combination of terpenes in cannabis depending on the case, gives off a unique scent. This is what makes cannabis so diverse, there are never ending combinations. But do terpenes effect your high? Absolutely.

Part of the fun in enjoying cannabis is developing your pallet. I believe that everyone is a connoisseur; they just don’t know it yet. Different terpenes in cannabis compliment their cannabinod cousins. The most interesting part about this is that our brains and our bodies as humans are the only life forms that can take in these compounds like this. In fact, we wouldn’t enjoy the highs at all without them. How would you like a harsh, flavorless, smell-less herb that had the potential to actually make you miserable when smoked?
The terpenes in cannabis play a vital role in the effect the herb has on you. There is a common acceptance that Indica strains and Sativa strains are what makes the difference in the highs. For example Sour Diesel (which is considered 90% sativa and 10% indica) should give you an uplifting sativa high right? Cannabinoids are cannabinoids and they are in every single cannabis strain. Some have a higher CBD percentage or a higher THC percentage but in general, good weed is good weed. The difference in the highs has a lot more to do with the terpenes in the flower opposed to the cannabinoid variation. All cannabinoids in all strains will affect you the same, the only difference is the varying percentages.

Now with the basic understanding of terpenes and their role in the cannabis plant, you have the ability to experiment on your own. Find out which strains you like based on the high then become familiar with the smell and the taste. Odds are, if you use the terpene profiles of strains when choosing your next one, you will always enjoy your choice. What’s your vape temp?

Terpenes in Cannabis – The Unique Scent
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