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Pax Vaporizer by Ploom
The Pax vaporizer is a portable vape brought to us by the folks at Ploom. That’s right those same guys that make the little pod vaporizers. The Pax is a loose leaf vaporizer as opposed the pre filled cartridges they utilized in the previous unit.

The Pax vaporizer is about 4 inches tall; it is a little bit shorter than my iPhone 4s. It is about an inch and a half wide and can nearly fit inside my hand. There is not much to the unit, it’s a slim aluminum casing with a heating chamber, a battery and a mouth piece. It simple and easy to use.

The Pax vaporizer only has two real functions to it, you have a power on and off, and a button to select one of 3 heating options; high, medium, and low. The low temperature is 370F, the medium 390F and the high being 410F. To engage the heating element, you simply click the mouth piece out. Be careful and hold your thumb over it though because it is spring loaded and will fly off. To adjust the temperature, pull the mouth piece off and click the little white button. The ploom “X” on the unit will change colors to correspond with the heat setting. Green is low, orange is medium, and red it hot. The “X” will change to purple when the mouth piece is replaced, then will turn green when it is ready at your selected setting. To turn the unit off press the mouth piece in until it clicks ONE TIME. Clicking it all the way down will cause the mouth piece to raise back up.

So we do a lot of reviews on vaporizers and this handy gadget here needs the chamber lid to be removed first to begin vaporizing out of your Pax vaporizer. On the bottom of the vaporizer there is a magnetic oven lid that covers the heating chamber. To remove it, push down on one side then pinch it where it raised to pull it off. Take your broken down/grinded herbs and fill the chamber. The chamber is medium sized, if you really pack it tightly you could maybe fit half a gram of your herbs in there. I found it functions better full but not packed too tightly.

It is hard to define the vapor quality in the Pax. It produces a lot of vapor, but I can’t seem to differentiate between different herbs and temperature settings. The flavor seems to always be the same and so does the high. This would depend on what vape temp you use though. I personally like to ease into my sessions and get the full terpine profiles of the herbs I am vaporizing and I like to be able to see and control my temperatures. Maybe it’s the aluminum casing combined with the stainless steel oven and the plastic mouthpiece that does it? After vaporizing off all different kinds of materials, from glass to ceramic to various metals like steel and titanium you develop a pallet for the flavor of good quality vapor and the Pax has a very consistently generic taste for me.

How does it heat?
The heating element is located on one side of the chamber. The other side has a hole for air flow. This makes one side of the heating chamber much hotter than the other. Thermal imaging has suggested all the way up to a 100 degree difference all within about an inch of heating chamber. The temperature also does not stay consistent. Much like an oven, the Pax vaporizer will heat to your desired temperature setting, then turn itself off until it drops 20 or so degrees where finally it will turn back on. It does this for the entirety of the session.

The Pax vaporizer is a well belt, well designed vaporizer. You can get pretty good vapor production and it is a decent portable. However; with advancements in technology, and our knowledge of chemical compounds in plants we are vaporizing, I feel for the price you should have more control. This vaporizer is not a good unit for someone that wants to develop a pallet not only for different terpine profiles, strains and flavors, but also different cannabanoid experiences. This vape will not let you dial in your high.

Reviews on Vaporizers: The Pax Vaporizer by Ploom
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