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Hey there Vape Tempers! This month the infamous Chef Luigi will be filling in for Stoney while he is in a research trip to Colorado. It cost us a lot of cannabutter and a whole batch of burnt brownies but he finally agreed to help us get the news out this month.

First thing’s first. God is on board with legalizing cannabis. Well, not god but Morgan Freeman and that’s pretty much the same thing, right? Morgan Freeman has come out of the closet as a hardcore ganja lover! He said he will pretty much take marijuana however it comes he said he would “eat it, drink it, smoke it, snort it” and now he is striving to bring attention to the issues that the marijuana legalization process is facing and help resolve them to bring legalized marijuana to everyone.

Morgan Freeman Pro MarijuanaOne of the biggest concerns in the legalization of marijuana currently is the risks of impaired driving. Kathy Stitzlein and Mariam Crow graduate students at the University of Akron have created a marijuana breathalyzer called the Cannibuster meant to allow law enforcement to detect levels of THC within minutes. This new invention is raising lots of eyebrows and the students have been awarded $10,000 to continue their development. It could be a great solution if it fully worked!

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Are you a single, fun loving, cannabis enthusiast? Well forget about Tinder, Christian Mingle, and YayI’ because now there is a new dating site called Cannabis Meet Now that intends to hook up single cannabis fans around the world.

Weed Be Good TogetherThe United States Supreme Court has made a landmark ruling that making a motorist wait for a drug dog to arrive during a traffic stop violates the Fourth Amendment‘s proscription against unlawful searches and seizures. Know your rights people!

Who needs coffee? There are some new products on the market that will make you fall in love with your coffee maker all over again! New K-Cups have hit the market and they are cannabis infused! Very cool. Unfortunately these K-cups aren’t nearly as green as the herbs they are being infused with and at $10 it’s a total rip off. We have a great recipe on our YouTube channel so you can drink your green and be eco friendly and cost effective using your ABV at the same time! Check it out:

KCup Marijuana

Veterans now have access to medical marijuana! A GOP-controlled Senate panel Wednesday approved a plan to permit veterans to receive information about medical marijuana from their government doctors. These men and women bravely served, and they deserved some much needed rest and relaxation.Veterans Pro Marijuana

Finally, Still to this day marijuana is illegal in Jamaica. I just thought all of you should know that. That seems like an error.

Peter Tosh - Weed is Illegal in JamaicaThanks for checking out the news this month! Stay tuned for more vaporization and marijuana content coming soon and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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