Taking a step back the DaVinci Ascent is a very discrete device that pretty much looks like a flip phone from the 90s. When taking a closer look, the DaVinci Ascent is actually an even more mysterious creature, not from the past but from the future! The future of vaping! This $249 device is designed specifically for consuming dry herbs and essential oils or in our case lots and lots of cannabis!


As the public acceptance and popularity of marijuana grows the options for how to consume that resource continues to expand as well. The marijuana industry has become a mainstream consumer market and like any other it has it’s trends. The herbal vaporizer is definitely one of those must have accessories of the moment. The herbal vaporizer functions much like an e-cigs the units are battery operated and an atomizer heats loose leaf herb, concentrates, or oils until the THC becomes a consumable vapor.

According to a survey done by Leafly, 33% of reviewers now vaporize their weed rather than the more traditional methods of smoking it.

The popularity of vaporizers is following in the footsteps of other popular health trends such as Zumba, juicing, paleo diets, and of course e-cigarettes for more safely consuming nicotine. Like all great trends of our generation the new vaporizer trend of course began with the Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley big dogs, oh you are a professional DJ? Here have a vape man. Sure the prices aren’t as cheap as a pack of papers but if we want a great experience it’s bound to come at some sort of expense.

It might also be just a little bit healthier!

In recent years, public opinion has swung violently back and fourth both for and against the legalization of marijuana. However, a 2013 Gallup poll revealed that 58% of Americans would like to see marijuana legalized in the U.S. That poll comes in opposition to the 1969 poll where only 12% of the population was in favor of legalization. Today medical marijuana is legal in 20+ states and legal recreational marijuana is quickly catching up. Those of us who smoke weed are becoming a larger demographic and with each step we move further away from that stoner stereotype.

The fun part of the emergence of this everyman stoner is all of the soccer moms and professionals who previously wouldn’t utter the word weed in mixed company headed down to their local smoke shop to buy a vaporizer. This new market has emerged with their demands listed. They want to consume cannabis, do it as healthy as possible (via vaporizers), and they want quality products.

Like any unregulated industry however there are some concerns. Much like the health craze of people sourcing organic, non-gmo, locally grown, and nutrient rich produce; the vapers out there are starting to do their research. Not all vaporizers out there are made equally. Some products can be poorly made and sometimes even pose major health risks. There is some speculation about potential plastic of metal contamination due to inferior vaporizer companies processes.

In 2007 a study was performed to identify is vaporizing cannabis was in fact a healthier method. The study that was published in the journal Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics suggest that vaporizing cannabis is a much safer and more effect means of consuming THC when compared to traditional smoking methods.

Vaporizer companies are prohibited from making any sorts of health claims about their products however you will find that many of them are instead highlighting the tremendous amount of care that goes into their manufacturing processes. They hope to assure us consumers that their product will be free of those contaminates and health risks. for example advertises their all glass vapor pathways as glass is generally considered a cleaner vape that is free of contaminates.

Second only to safety of course is style! In the past couple of years there has been an influx of new vaporizers out on the market. They range anywhere from high school experiment gone wrong to sleek and luxurious.

The tech world at large is just beginning to fully embrace the vaporizer market. As legalized marijuana, the health benefits of vaping, and more of the companies who make that happen come into play we expect to see tons of cool new designs that us vapers MUST have!

Pretty soon your vaporizer might not just speak about your style but also about your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Is It Healthier To Vaporize Cannabis?
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