Iolite Vaporizer Review

The Iolite WISPR

The Iolite Wispr is latest portable vaporizer from by Oglesby & Butler designed to succeed it’s predecessor, The Iolite Portable Vaporizer. Many improvements have been made over the previous version.

The Wispr is a small butane-fueled portable vaporizer weighing in at only 4.5 ounces, it is very concealable, with styling reminiscent of some G.I. Joe walkie-talkies I had as a kid.

Here is what I like about the Wispr:
1. Small and concealable, which makes it very portable
2. It doesn’t get uncomfortably warm in your hand while you are using it
3. Visible butane fuel level window
4. Nice large filling chamber
5. Flexible straw with a cooling tip
6. It heats up very fast
7. Easy to use and operate.

What I don’t like about the Wispr:
Lack of temperature control.

Though you might have heard differently from other reviews, this Iolite vaporizer review highlights both the pros and cons of what we think about of the gadget. So what we have observed is that the upside to the Wispr’s fixed temperature control and sure to be a very popular feature of the Iolite Wispr, is that it generates an astounding amount of visible vapor for a pocket-sized portable vaporizer. Because the heating regulator keeps a stable temperature, the amount of vapor is consistent.

With an inventively simple two-click button design; the Wispr is quick to turn on and heat up. With the first press, halfway, butane is delivered to the heating chamber. The second press down starts the heating process. In just two minutes the Wispr achieves, and securely sustains the designated temperature of 347 F. An orange temperature control light on the vaporizer indicates ideal temperature when the light switches off.

If you are in the market for a spunky portable vaporizer, and you can live with the butane, have a look at the Wispr. It’s well made, compact and really does a very good job of the vaporization. The Wispr does have it’s limitations, but for the money I think it is a pretty decent portable vaporizer.

Iolite Vaporizer Review – The Iolite Wispr
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