Growing Cannabis

I never understood why cannabis was such a controversial plant, when there are so many over the counter medication out there with horrible side effects and can even cause death in some rare cases. I will never understand why people who take an abundance of prescription medication for their pain is considered socially acceptable but someone who vapes weed to ease their pain is considered a druggie or looked at like as some kind of criminal. It just goes to show that most of the population are not educated on the health benefits of cannabis. I feel that a good portion of the population has it in their minds that weed will turn you into a “pot head” and think it doesn’t have any health benefits for you, period, end of story. They are clearly wrong.

People just write pot off in their heads as if they know all about it….. and it’s frustrating because pot can actually get us out of a debt that others have put us in.

So for you anti-cannabis people, think about this way, if restricting cannabis puts the country into more debt and legalizing pot would get us out of debt …. What is the harm in investing in a plant that has never had anyone overdose from using it?

How is restricting cannabis causing debt? We spend more money incarcerating people for using or possessing the product, so instead of letting people pay for weed we somehow found it more logical to pay people to be in jail for using it … costing the working tax payer hundreds of millions of dollars a year because we are afraid of a plant…… WE ARE AFRAID OF A PLANT!!!!  If we were to legalize cannabis it would help out our economy tremendously. Look at Colorado, in their first year of legalizing weed it is projected to make the state over 1 billion dollars…. HOW ARE WE NOT DOING THIS NATIONALLY???  ONE BILLION DOLLARS in one state … imagine all 50 states legalizing weed that could be over 50 billion dollars in profit for the country helping us with our national debt. I say it’s worth it.

Now I always try to get different opinions on the matter because I want to make sure I address all the issues… but if I were to address all the issues in one post plenty of people would stop reading after page one. Growing cannabis is one issue that was brought to me. Read more about indian dreaming slot machine free play. Personally I think that’s an irrational fear, but I can understand why people would be worried. It’s the idea of getting the smell of weed on your clothes and the fear that someone else is giving you an unwanted high… so I get it . But first you would have to be very close to someone in a very small room ( like in a hot box setting) to really get high off of someone smoking weed. But now a days people are trying to move away from smoking weed are starting to vape it. Using those new portable vaporizers, which are becoming a trend now, vaping weed is a lot healthier than smoking weed, but what’s great about vaping is that the smell isn’t as strong as smoking and you cant get high off of someone else’s vapor. So by vaping weed the smell isn’t sticking to your clothes and not putting others at risk of getting high off of your vapor.

I realized it isn’t about the weed, it’s about the scare tactics that have been used against weed to make this plant so taboo. When you really start to uncover what is in Cannabis you begin to realize, what’s better for you? Is it the over the counter medication that has a list of side effects that includes the terminology “in some cases death may occur” better to use or should you use cannabis which has no records of anyone overdosing while using the product?

Others need to stop being so closed minded about this subject….. because its really hurting out wallets.

Growing Cannabis – The Powerful Plant
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