When you are first learning the new skill of vaporization, one of the principal things you need to figure out is what temperature to use. Why is the proper vape temp so important? The fundamental motive for using a vaporizer is to decrease, or completely eliminate, the inhalation of certain substances that are produced with the traditional combustion methods. Knowing the combustion rates of what you are vaporizing is essential to helping remove the unwanted toxins and other unpleasant by-products of combustion.

Marijuana reaches combustion at about 446°F. When this temperature is reached the smoke produced by the combustion of the marijuana is jam-packed of all types of toxins and carcinogens. A huge advantage of vaporizing is that at much lower temperatures, the active ingredients (THC) can be extracted from the leaves, this without triggering the release of the associated poisons.

When marijuana is burned (+446°F), three very nasty by-products are produced: benzene, toluene and naphthalene. Benzene is a recognized carcinogen, while the other two have been identified to cause heart, liver and brain disorders. Clinical studies have established that the benzene, toluene and naphthalene only begin to form at temperatures beyond 392° F. So it’s pretty simple science to say that keeping your vaporizer set below 392° F for marijuana vaping, will keep the amount of toxins you’ll be inhaling will be radically reduced.

So what is the proper vape temp? It truly is a personal preference, but with a little information that perfect temperature isn’t that hard to figure out. Trace levels of THC can be found at 284° F. Read more about play indian dreaming slot. As I stated earlier, the nasty toxins start developing at about 392° F. Most vaporizer manufacturers recommend using temperatures of about 365° F. At 365° F you are well below the harmful toxin levels and well above the 284° F needed for THC release.

At higher temperatures a vaporizer will produce a denser vapor. The lower the temperature you use, the less dense your vapor will be. The amount of THC in the vapor is not
dependent the density of the vapor. So if THC is released at about as 284° F, and the toxins begin forming at around 392° F, you have 108° to find your sweet spot for vaping!

Finding the Proper Vape Temp
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