The Perfect Vape Temp

When it comes to looking for the perfect vape temp, is there really an expert to help you find the answer? According to veteran users of vaporizers, the most ideal temperature for vaping can be discovered through experimentation using your personal preference. By knowing your personality and integrating it in vaping, you will be able to answer the question yourself. There are no experts to help you discover the right vape temp because majority of these vape users have relied on their personal taste when it comes to vaping. In fact, when they are giving vape reviews, they are not doing it because they are knowledgeable in the topic; they just want to share what they have found out and want to suggest what their preferred vape temperature is. So, even a newbie can actually call himself an expert if he has stumbled on what he deems as the best vape temp for himself.

However, if you really have no idea and want to seek suggestions from those vape users who have been successful in finding the perfect vape temp, feel free to use the Internet or ask your friends about what they think is the best temp. By asking opinions, you will then know for yourself if the temp they’ve suggested will also work great for you. But if it you find out that you really don’t agree with their suggestions when you do your vaping sessions, then you can proceed to doing your own experiments in finding for the most suitable vape temperature.

Many vape users have agreed that the most ideal vaporization temperature range from 176.667°C to 196.111°C (350-385°F). If you want a specific temp however, many would say that 185°C or 365°F is the most suitable one. However, long-time users were also unanimous in their view that the right vaping temp varies depending on what vaporizer you are using. Of course, you might be aware that there are many types of vaporizers available in market today and you should purchase depending on what you think will give you the most satisfying vape experience. Let’s take for example the popular Volcano. Many vape users who have used this vaporizer suggest that 367°F is the best temp for your vaping experience. Therefore, in choosing the ideal temp, it is also best to consider the vaporizer that you are using.

Make the most out of your vaping experience by knowing the perfect temperature to vape your weed. Don’t be afraid to do experiments in discovering the right temp because with that, you’ll be able to find for yourself the beauty of vaporization and learn to love vaping more.

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