So you might be updated with all that cannabis strains and what not but to date, there are only 3 species of the beloved cannabis plant known to man: Cannabis Indica, the body numbing relaxing buzz; Cannabis Sativa, the laugh your ass off for no reason cerebral head high, and finally, Cannabis Ruderalis, which unlike its cousins, has very little THC value and does not flower based on light cycle, but rather plant maturity. Ruderalis is rarely smoked. Recently, High Times posted an article saying that there is a new Cannabis species growing wild and free like always meant to be in Australia. Apparently, a couple hikers found the precious plant, and took some samples to the University of Sydney Biology center where they were then confirmed to be of the cannabis genus.

Over the recent times in cannabis history, there have been groundbreaking crosses between the two most common species, indica and sativa. Whether they were bread together to create hybrids, or with one another to create a monster sativa or indica this has been a technique widely used by talented growers and breeders to dial in new types of experiences. These crosses do not qualify as a new species though, just a cross breed between species. With this new cannabis species, it could open the door to so many different experiences.

The possibilities are endless here. This plant could introduce a life saving CBD that some breeders have trouble obtaining and abundance of, it could contain a certain mix needed to achieve groundbreaking THC percentages. The terpenes it could provide may completely change the way we smell and taste our buds forever. Could you imagine a new taste or scent that can only be achieved with this new plant crossed with say, an OG Kush? As the industry and movement grows, this will continue to happen.

Biologists all over have argued that there are more plants that should be considered of the Cannabis Genus. With this new discovery, and the recent demand for research on cannabis plants as a species comes increased interest from third party research companies as well as the funds to sufficiently research and provide solid evidence and information on the beloved cannabis plant. 2015 will be a groundbreaking year for all you cannabis lovers out there. Stay involved, become educated, and the industry will deliver, things are only looking up.

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Evolution of Cannabis Strains – New Cannabis Species!?!
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