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Vaporizing is a very new technology that claims all sorts of thing. Companies say it’s healthier, stealthy, it can save you money, blah blah blah. What is really the reason for vaporizing? Is there more to temperature controlled smoking than meets the eye? What truly is the best vape temp?

Before we can identify a best vape temp, we need to truly identify what vaporizing is. Vaporizing is a way of ingesting the essential oils of an herb (cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis) in the form of a vapor. This occurs when the herb is heated to a point just below combustion that allows it to release a vapor, without any type of flame or smoke. You just get the good stuff. So what is the best vape temp in regards to cannabis?

Cannabinoids are a set of compounds found in cannabis that have numerous different properties and each effects the body differently. The best vape temp would revolve around the cannabinoids you are trying to boil off so you can virtually craft your buzz exactly how you want by changing your temperatures.

Here is some information from Skunk Pharm Research LLC is made up of several activists eager to research and pass on as much information about cannabis and cannabinoids as possible to help patients all around the world and to help end the stigma of cannabis.


?-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Boiling point:157*C / 314.6 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: Euphoriant, Analgesic, Antiinflammatory, Antioxidant, Antiemetic
cannabidiol (CBD) Boiling point:160-180*C / 320-356 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: Anxiolytic, Analgesic, Antipsychotic, Antiinflammatory, Antioxidant, Antispasmodic
Cannabinol (CBN) Boiling point:185*C / 365 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: Oxidation, breakdown, product, Sedative, Antibiotic
cannabichromene (CBC) Boiling point:220*C / 428 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: Antiinflammatory, Antibiotic, Antifungal
cannabigerol (CBG) Boiling point: MP52 Properties: Antiinflammatory, Antibiotic, Antifungal
?-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (?-8-THC) Boiling point:175-178*C / 347-352.4 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: Resembles ?-9-THC, Less psychoactive, More stable Antiemetic
tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) Boiling point:< 220*C / <428 degree Fahrenheit Properties: Analgesic, Euphoriant
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Terpenoid essential oils, their boiling points, and properties

ß-myrcene Boiling point:166-168*C / 330.8-334.4 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: Analgesic. Antiinflammatory, Antibiotic, Antimutagenic
ß-caryophyllene Boiling point:119*C / 246.2 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: Antiinflammatory, Cytoprotective (gastric mucosa), Antimalarial
d-limonene Boiling point:177*C / 350.6 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: Cannabinoid agonist?, Immune potentiator, Antidepressant, Antimutagenic
linalool Boiling point:198*C / 388.4 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: Sedative, Antidepressant, Anxiolytic, Immune potentiator
pulegone Boiling point:224*C / 435.2 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: Memory booster?, AChE inhibitor, Sedative, Antipyretic
1,8-cineole (eucalyptol) Boiling point:176*C / 348.8 degree Fahrenheit Properties: AChE inhibitor, Increases cerebral, blood flow, Stimulant, Antibiotic, Antiviral, Antiinflammatory, Antinociceptive
a-pinene Boiling point:156*C / 312.8 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: Antiinflammatory, Bronchodilator, Stimulant, Antibiotic, Antineoplastic, AChE inhibitor
a-terpineol Boiling point:217-218*C / 422.6-424.4 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: Sedative, Antibiotic, AChE inhibitor, Antioxidant, Antimalarial
terpineol-4-ol Boiling point:209*C / 408.2 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: AChE inhibitor. Antibiotic
p-cymene Boiling point:177*C / 350.6 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: Antibiotic, Anticandidal, AChE inhibitor


Flavonoid and phytosterol components, their boiling points, and properties

apigenin Boiling point:178*C / 352.4 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: Anxiolytic, Antiinflammatory, Estrogenic
quercetin Boiling point:250*C / 482 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: Antioxidant, Antimutagenic, Antiviral, Antineoplastic
cannflavin A Boiling point:182*C / 359.6 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: COX inhibitor, LO inhibitor
ß-sitosterol Boiling point:134*C / 273.2 degrees Fahrenheit Properties: Antiinflammatory, 5-a-reductase, inhibitor

So now that we know what vaporizing is, and the boiling points and effects of the cannabinoids, we can begin to identify the best vape temp! To get a well rounded, won’t lock you to the couch euphoric high, the best vape temp is 350 degrees Fahrenheit. At 350 degrees you are releasing a number of cannabinoids and terpenes so lets take a closer look at that.

Delta-9-THC- This compound induces euphoria, analgesia, an anti-inflammatory effect, and it is an antioxidant as well as an antiemetic.

CBD- The CBD compound offers an anxiolytic, analgesic, antipsychotic, and anti-inflammatory effect as well as being an antioxidant and antispasmodic. CBD is considered to be the cannabinoid that has the most medicinal value, however is not nearly as effective by itself as it is when paired with its close cousin, THC. Cannabinoids are very serendipitous by nature, so this is a great compound to include when considering your best vape temp.

Delta-8-THC- This compound is very similar to Delta-9-THC but is less phschoactive and is a more stable antiemetic. This one really helps calm the nerves and will give you a solid body buzz.

Of course all of the cannabinoids in the plant will be producing vapor. This allows you to keep a well balanced high, while only getting the “good” effects. By boiling out those specific cannabinoids you will feel euphoric, relaxed, any type of aches or pains should begin to recede. You will be able to go about your business without feeling like you weigh 10 million pounds or wanting to just lie down on the couch and eat a bag of potato chips, while still maintaining a nice calming high. 350 degrees gives you a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes providing a wonderful euphoric vaporizing experience. It is easily the best vape temp.

The Best Vape Temp – What’s Your Vape Temp?
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