ABV 10 Minute Cannabutter Recipe

So you’re wondering how to create an ABV Cannabutter ey? Well, let Chef Luigi show you how! And what’s good is, you can do it as fast as 10 Minutes!

Just like our other recipes, say our ABV Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, there are a lot of ways to make this recipe, in fact, this product can be used with straight marijuana too. But we prefer to make our cannabutter out of herbs that I already have been vaped with. It would allow us to get double doses out of the herb with both a vaporizer and the easy butter maker. Watch Chef Luigi and learn how to make this.

To start, what you will need are:

– 2 cups of butter
– some finely ground ABV
– water
– container to store your cannabutter
– and Easy Butter Maker

1. First, unscrew the lower portion of the Easy Butter Maker unit as shown and then remove the filter and set aside.

2. Place 4 sticks of butter in the lower portion of the unit. Then, add water inside the butter and make sure its just below the release valve. Make sure you do not fill above the release valve because butter is flammable. Trust Chef Luigi when he tells you – it is flammable.

3. Next you would need to fill the filter with your ABV to the line and put it in the bottom piece. Screw your base back into the Easy Butter Maker then set your stove to about medium. You then have to place the Easy Butter Maker on the stove for about 6 or 7 minutes. As soon as you start to see steam or the unit starts to gargle the butter – it is ready!

4. Lastly, remove the Easy Butter Maker from stove and pour it into the container. Put it in the fridge until it solidifies and finally drain the excess water from the cannabutter.

Voila! A quick and easy ABV cannabutter done in 10 mins. Remember to use it on small doses everyone!

See how simple that was. We love to hear if you have tried this recipe. Share your experience in our Facebook page or have us follow you in Twitter so that we can comment on your cooking escapades too!

ABV Cannabutter Recipe in As Fast As 10 Minutes
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